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?Naturopathy - Is it magic

Many patients turn to Naturopathy counseling when they are disappointed or not interested in conventional medicine.
As the science of holistic health Naturopathy is an alternative or complimentary to conventional medicine, by following the wisdom of Naturopathy one can gain back health in a natural way.

The foundation of Naturopathy is that the body can heal itself - IF - it has the right conditions to start a healing process.
Thankfully we can very much help the body and create these best conditions.

Does Nutrition play a major role in determining our health?

The FOOD we eat is used by the body to build blood cells, muscle-cells, neurons and hormones - without these the body simply can not function!
But how many of us really consider food as a major factor that determines our health?

We are consciously putting poisonous substances into our bodies, largely because it is tasty, fast, convenient, and trendy.
Human beings do all of the above while "forgetting" that FOOD is the substance that determines one's health.

Naturopathy re-educates the patient on how to choose the best nutrition for the body, it puts order in what we should eat, what is highly recommended and what we should try to avoid.

What else is putting our health at risk?

Apart from toxic foods, we must pay attention to the environmental toxins and pollution around us, unfortunately those turned to be part of our daily life,

For example:

Air pollution, GMO foods, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, antibiotic, hormones, water filled with heavy metals, nuclear radiation, fluoride, chemical compounds such as PCBs, phthalates, dioxins, asbestos, chlorine, UV rays that grow stronger and lethal, electromagnetic waves coming from every cellular antenna radiation, wireless telephones, laptops and unfortunately much more.

Both food and environmental toxins damage the body metabolism, both are playing a major role in how good or bad we feel.
The modern combination of intoxication, stress, lack of nutrients and intensive demand for energy, can lead the struggling body to a point where its organs fail to carry the burden.

What might be the result? 

With time, this may result in accumulation of toxins, so heavy and dense, that they interfere with the body's functions. In other words – a disease.
Our body has a lot of endurance, it is exposed to all of the above, and yet keeps working without a rest for even one minute.
Usually, we understand the damage is done too late - when discomfort or an illness has already appeared.

What Naturopathy offers?

A healthy new path!
The body's self - healing power is great!  it is created so that when given the best conditions it starts mending and fixing the tissues - the waste which has accumulated in the cells is naturally led out through the digestive system, urinary system, respiratory system and sweat.

Naturopathy creates the best conditions for elimination of toxins while nourishing the body at the same time.
Unlike conventional medicine which aims to hide or get rid of illness symptoms (we all know these are the body's distress signals)  Naturopathy doesn't want them to disappear, but rather treat their source.

The result of healing the body is mental and physical optimal functioning, and I have seen it happening again and again.

What Naturopathy can help with?

Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol / Triglycerides)
Insulin Resistance
Lack of Vitality
Fungal Infections
Parasitic Infections
Bacterial / Viral Infections
Crohn's Disease
Helicobacter pylori
Thyroid Function
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Urinary Tract Infection
Stress Management
Natural Weight loss
and more...

Interested to know how it's done?

Using personalized and individual nutrition program, partly based on blood type, along with the use of medical herbs, vitamins, minerals, relaxation techniques, emotional exercises and massage therapy.
This super beneficial combination supports the body greatly, helps it regain balance and complete the self - healing process.

What is the Counseling format?

All sessions are facilitated On Line using Skype video,

Clinical experience of over 10 years led to a form of therapy in which the first counseling session focuses on:

Questioning and data collection from the patients
Interpreting blood tests

The second session takes place few days later - based on the analysis of the collected data the patients receive written recommendations on how to improve their health.

The recommendations file includes:
- Tailored menu
- Personalized list of western standard food supplements
- General guidelines for healing

Follow up On Line sessions are set every 3 weeks - till we reach the goals!

Naturopathy Counseling provided by Gilia Gilad:

Graduate of Academic studies in the leading healing and complementary medicine schools in Israel: "The Israeli College of Complementary Medicine",
"Medicine College" and others.
Primary expertise studies: Herbal medicine, Orthomolecular Nutrition, Iridology, Blood test interpretation, Aromatherapy, Bach Remedies, Imagery Therapy and Psychodrama.

I'm ready to feel much better -  What is the next step?

Contact here for an appointment,

Soon enough you will be hearing your body saying THANK YOU VERY MUCH!










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